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Institute is the main organisation under the Ministry of Architecture and Construction leading on research and development of constructions and technological systems of buildings and structures; development of energy efficient engineering systems of buildings; design and reconstruction of industrial housing enterprises, comprehensive reconstruction and sustainable development of the existing housing sites; development and maintenance of the industry’s “Energy Saving” programme; we are also the lead organisation responsible for the development and maintenance of the Republican scientific and technical programme “Construction materials and technologies”.

The Institute consists of 14 research, design, technology and analysis departments, employing more than 200 people, including: 4 Doctors of Science, 14 Philosophy Doctors (Science), 8 laureates of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus and the USSR.

Among the partners of the institute are the leading scientific and design organizations of Russia, Kazkhastran, Ukraine, Germany, Finland, China, Mongolia and other countries, as well as specialized departments of BSTU, BNTU, BrSTU, PSU.

The Institute has a Department of ”Reconstruction of buildings and structures” of the building faculty of BNTU.

Our experience, professionalism and expertise form the foundations for our collaborations with the organisations of the construction industry both in Belarus and Europe.

Our collaborations with businesses in both private and public sector and ability to achieve practical solutions enable us to successfully achieve the goals set by the state institutions governing the construction industry and by our customers.